The Eat Right Food Programme has been a complete eye-opener for me
Ellie – Senior Account Exec
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Before I started on the programme I thought my diet was pretty healthy and that my portions were about right, to be honest I mainly signed up because I’m very busy at work and often don’t have time to think about preparing or buying meals. However when I started the program I learnt that my portions were way out of control and that I was not eating regularly enough throughout the day to maintain my metabolism, hence I was eating a small breakfast, rushing a late lunch and then I was coming home from work starving and eating a large dinner very late at night.

Contrary to what I thought would be the case, I feel like I have been eating more than before I was on the program. I am never hungry, yet accompanied with my exercise regime I have been losing weight on a steady basis and I’m now nearly at my target weight after just 6 weeks. Also the food is varied so I never get bored, in fact I’m always excited to find out what has been delivered!

Martin and his team are very professional and helpful. I have regularly conversations and feedback from Martin, and the team are aware of the foods I do and do not like. Also I often have client lunches and dinners so I just email the team to let them know not to deliver that particular meal and they save the food for the end of the program, so it really does work with my lifestyle.

I cannot recommend the Food Programme enough!
I have been on the Food Programme for over two years.
Sarah – Kiwi Expat
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I am still finding the food interesting because there is such variety. The team at Eat Right are all really friendly and helpful. They make going there such a pleasure, I go on my days off the programme as well! The biggest pluses to the programme are the convenience, the great quality of food and the results... I am 20kgs lighter and counting!
We love how easy & flexible the overall programme is.
Caroline & Luis – Aussie Expats
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The option to eat in or have our meals delivered to work or home, ensures meals are always fresh and fit in to our schedules. The variety of meals is amazing & it is great how the staff remember specifics about us. The healthy eating and direction from Martin has resulted in us losing weight (3 kilos) each in three weeks, exercising daily and feeling years younger. We would recommend it to anyone!
The Eat Right Food Programme is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Sam – Expat
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It ensures I get all the right nutrients, a balanced diet and sustained energy through the day. Since I have started the program I no longer have up and down energy swings and my work outs are far more productive. I definitely feel the difference when I travel on business and eat endless Chinese banquets of rich foods with fat laden sauces. Even a two day trip leaves me depleted of necessary vitamins and feeling lethargic. After a business trip, I immediately get back on the Eat Right Food Programme and “charge up the batteries” so to speak. I have been on the Food Programme for about four years and can’t see myself quitting anytime soon.

The other advantage of the Eat Right Food Programme is, believe it or not, it saves me money. I used to run back and forth to the cash machine on a daily basis just for food, my biggest daily expense. Now I go once or twice a week.
Meeting Martin and going on the Eat Right Food Programme is one of the best things I have ever done.
Andrew Clark – Expat
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I’d even go so far as to say it was a life saver.

When we met I was leading a pretty active lifestyle – rowing for the RHKYC, regularly going to the gym and doing loads of walking – as you do in Hong Kong. But there was a problem. I wasn’t loosing weight – and I needed to. I had convinced myself that the more exercise I did the more I could eat, and of course I wasn’t counting the alcohol I was consuming.

Something had to change. So I made the commitment and went on the Food Programme, initially for one month. And guess what. The kilos started dropping off.

I would highly recommend the food program to anyone who wants an easy and effective way to loose weight. The food choices are extremely tasty. I never got bored with the meals and I never felt hungry. If I upped the exercise, Martin would increase the quantity of food so I wasn’t looking for extra food outside the Food Programme. And the cost worked out about the same as I was spending on food anyway.

It’s a great way to loose weight and keep it off – I lost 12kg in two months and kept it off!
A busy professional that doesn't have a lot of time for food preparation or cooking I found this
Kylie – Expat
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Not only did I enjoy a variety of delicious, healthy and fresh foods every day, I lost over 5kgs in 6 weeks… and trust me I ate well, even enjoyed the odd glass of vino on a regular basis! The team also did a great job in delivering my food to me… wherever I was on a given morning they would get my food to me, they honestly made it really simple and easy. So if you’re looking for a convenient, healthy and effective way to eat well and lose weight definitely give this a try… it really does work and trust me I know as I’ve pretty tried every diet under the sun….